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I resccued three kittens this week, and hope to catch their mother. I'm hoping to find homes for them all - but that would be much easier if they were spayed (all females) and had their first shots and boosters. I started a gofundme page in the hopes of raising some funds to make that happen. Even if I don't get the full amount, anything that could help go toward the costs would be fantastic.


I've shared a few pictures so you can see how insanely cute they all are. I have a few more that haven't gotten taken off the camera yet.

There are a set of twins and one lone dark tabby. The twins are a little cranky - I am going to spend the next week or two trying to get them socialized to make them even more adoptable. I have a few feelers out and am keeping my fingers crossed but the cost of having them spayed and given their shots is really putting a hitch in them getting adopted.

So if you feel like helping I would be most appreciative!! <3

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